People who prefer Keen Foreseeing (“Ni”) transform with a meta-
perspective. Here is a snapshot:

Can enter a brief trance to answer problems.

Focus on what will happen next.

Use the entire brain to consider the future. Manage mental pro-
cesses and aware of where they are in an open-ended task.

Use physical activity to focus the mind. May over-rely on the unconscious.

Just as Cautious Protecting (Si) is the bedrock of every society’s tra-
ditions and the storehouse of our personal histories,

Keen Foreseeing plays a competing, seemingly marginal role that is widespread, covert, and paradoxical.

Keen Foreseeing means to “transform with a meta-perspective”. How
does that show up?

“Meta” means above or beyond, so there is a per-spective above or beyond many other perspectives.

From this rare van-tage point, the Keen Foreseer can transform something such as lead into gold, lemons into lemonade, raw paints into a painting, or a personal farce into a national tragedy.

As every politician knows, a powerful wayto effect change is usually not through brute force.

It is through compelling symbols. Thus, Jung spent his life exploring symbols.
Necessarily, this process is intangible as it seems to sit far from most
people’s daily lives.

The process sounds like some kind of superpower.

It is still human, however, and it may survive in a religious context as
an ancient (or reinvented) spiritual practice.

More frequently, it works invisibly to the benefit of philosophers, artists, and even counselors, sci-entists, and media consultants.

When we hear of an “intuitive leap” in the workplace, a mother’s intuition at home, an artist’s muse, or an “ex-periential understanding of God” in church, there it thrives. However, it appears, Keen Foreseeing is acceptable so long as it serves a socially- acceptable or useful activity.

At the same time, this process is continuously in play everywhere. It
suffuses society through symbols, from flags to photos, and it suffuses
every individual’s inner psycho-drama.

Moreover, there is an interplay between a society and its members, such that memes circulate and van-ish, ideological movements rise and fall, and so forth, akin to a persons inner ups and downs, with most of us projecting our personal, semi-conscious hopes and illicit desires onto these social manifestations.

When a person has a strong reaction to the mere sight of a symbol, that
person is at the mercy of unconscious needs rather than in his or her
rational mind.

As best we know, Keen Foreseeing is the favorite of eight Jungian
processes for ~3% of the general population.

They tend to fill creative and spiritual roles even when their daily tasks are, from the outside, technical or care-taking. More than reason, experience, or values, they rely on the unconscious, both personal and collective.

This manifests as a trust in flashes of insight, dreams and visions, compelling art, unusual predictions and interpretations, and the use of totems or symbols that grab our attention or that they craft for themselves.

All people start at the diamond’s base, where the capacity for percep-
tion is undeveloped.

From there, we might develop a bias for Foreseeing,
and then we can complete the diamond, finding balance as we spiral up
to the top. To get to the top, you can:

Develop your strength, Keen Foreseeing (Ni)
Unlock doorways to wisdom with Excited Brainstorming (Ne)
Find purpose and energy with Active Adapting (Se)
Adjust daily life to cover Cautious Protecting (Si)

In this chapter, you will learn more about fuller living as a Keen

We start by listing this type’s strengths, neurological correlates,
pitfalls, and insights from Jung’s writings.

Then we explore three keys to overcoming one-sidedness.

You will find numerous case studies, bullet-pointed lists of suggestions, and a way to gauge your progress and organize your takeaways into a daily reference.





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